Laughing young man

Intermediate+ Word of the Day: mock

To mock means ‘to make fun of someone’ or, more aggressively, ‘to attack someone by treating them with ridicule’ and also ‘to mimic or copy.’ Mock also means ‘to defy or challenge’ and ‘to deceive or disappoint.’ As a noun, a mock is an imitative or ridiculing speech or something fake, though it’s not used this way very often these days. As an adjective, mock refers to…

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bursted oil-pipe with oil leaking out, 3d illustration

Intermediate+ Word of the Day: burst

To burst means ‘to break suddenly’ or ‘to come forth suddenly and with force and impact.’ When talking about feelings, burst means ‘to suddenly show them.’ Burst also means ‘to appear all of a sudden.’ As a noun, a burst is the act of bursting, a sudden expression of an emotion, and an intense effort or display…

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Accounting financial papers analysis charts with calculator, paper and pen in blue

Intermediate+ Word of the Day: account

An account is a description of events and also a reason or judgment. In business, it is money deposited with a bank or, usually in the plural, a formal record of financial transactions. As a verb, to account means ‘to give an explanation’ or ‘to be the source or reason for something’…

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Wassertropfen aus dem Wasserhahn, Nahmaufnahme mit Makro

Intermediate+ Word of the Day: drop

A drop is a small amount of liquid in a globule or, figuratively, a small amount of anything. A drop is also a descent or fall, a decline in the amount of something, and a steep slope. As a verb, to drop means to fall in globules, as liquids do, and also to suddenly descend or reduce or to fall. Drop also means to let go of something, to stop or end something, to quit, to abandon or….

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Balancing Spheres

Intermediate+ Word of the Day: even

As an adjective and talking about a surface, even means ‘regular, with no bumps.’ It also means ‘constant and regular,’ ‘on the same level’ or ‘parallel,’ and also ‘equal,’ and ‘fair.’ In Mathematics, an even number is a number that can be divided by two without a remainder, and even describes something denoted by or having such a number. As an adverb, it is used to mean ‘still’ or ‘yet,’ as a way of emphasizing a comparison or used with if to suggest something is unlikely.’ To even means…

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