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May 2017

Intermediate+ Word of the Day: drip

To drip means ‘to fall in drops’ or ‘to dribble.’ As a noun, a drip is the act of dripping, the liquid that drips, and also the sound made by the drops. Colloquially, we call someone boring or dull a drip. In medicine, a drip is the continuous introduction of a fluid into the body…

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Intermediate+ Word of the Day: tumble

To tumble means ‘to fall helplessly,’ ‘to roll end over end or flow over,’ or ‘to roll about.’ Figuratively, it means ‘to decline’ or ‘to fall suddenly from an authority position.’ It also means ‘to fall into ruins.’ Informally, usually with an adverb, it means ‘to come or go in a fast, disorganized way.’ As a noun, a tumble is the act of tumbling, an accidental fall, a drop in value, and a fall from an authority position…

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