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May 2017

Intermediate+ Word of the Day: slip

To slip means ‘to move smoothly,’ ‘to move quietly without being noticed,’ and also ‘to slide accidentally and fall or almost fall.’ Figuratively, it can mean ‘to fall below standard’ or ‘to become involved in or start doing something.’ If you make a mistake that is also to slip, usually followed by up, and, when we are talking about words, it also means ‘to be said unintentionally,’ usually followed by out. It can also mean ‘to be lost or get away.’ As a noun, a slip is a sudden slide, a small mistake, or a decline or fall in…

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Intermediate+ Word of the Day: shed

A shed is a small rough structure built up for shelter or storage and also a large structure that is open at the sides. Unrelatedly, the verb to shed means ‘to pour or let fall,’ when we are talking about liquid, especially blood or tears, ‘to drop out or off naturally,’ when we are talking about hair, skin, or leaves or flowers, and ‘to give or send forth,’ when we are talking about light. If we are talking about rain or liquid, it can also mean…

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Intermediate+ Word of the Day: bolt

A bolt is a type of screw used to hold things together, a movable side bar used to lock a door and also the part of the lock drawn back by a key. Informally, a bolt is a sudden escape. It is also a thunderbolt or a lightningbolt. As a verb, to bolt means ‘to fasten with a bolt’ and also ‘to make a sudden escape.’ In US English, in relation to politics, it means to no longer support or participate in something. Informally, it also means…

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Intermediate+ Word of the Day: skirt

You might know already that a skirt is a piece of clothing that hangs downward from the waist and is not joined between the legs, and also the part of a dress that hangs from the waist. As a slang term in US English, a woman can be called a skirt (in UK English, we would say “a bit” or “a piece” of skirt), but this would usually be considered offensive. In the plural, skirts or outskirts are the outlying parts of a place or group. This latter sense relates to the verb to skirt, which means…

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Intermediate+ Word of the Day: slide

To slide means ‘to move smoothly and in contact with a slippery surface,’ ‘to pass smoothly,’ and ‘to move without being noticed.’ To fall gradually into a certain state is also to slide and, when you let something slide, it means that you allow it to proceed naturally without interfering. As a noun, a slide is the act of sliding and also a smooth surface for sliding, especially a kind of chute often found in children’s playgrounds. In photography, a slide is a small…

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