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March 2018

Intermediate+ Word of the Day: egg

You probably know that an egg is the roundish reproductive body produced by female birds and most reptiles and, perhaps, that it is also the cell produced by female mammals that, when joined with a male cell, forms a baby. However, did you know that egg is used informally to refer to a person, normally with a descriptive adjective? This sense is…

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Intermediate+ Word of the Day: squeal

A squeal is a long, sharp cry, as of pain, surprise, fear, or excitement or a screeching sound. Informally, in US English, a protest or complaint about something can be called a squeal. As a verb, squeal obviously means ‘to make such a sharp cry or sound’ and, informally, ‘to complain.’ As a slang term, it also means ‘to give…

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Intermediate+ Word of the Day: stow

To stow means ‘to put away’ as for storage or reserve, usually in an orderly fashion, and ‘to fill a place by packing.’ In naval terms, to stow means ‘to put sails, gear, or cargo away.’ As a slang term, although dated now, stow means ‘to stop’ or…

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Intermediate+ Word of the Day: ridge

A ridge is a long, narrow elevation of land or a chain of hills or mountains, and also the long and narrow upper edge or crest of something. Any raised strip on clothing or any raised margin on a bone, tooth, or membrane is also a ridge. The back of an animal can be called a ridge and, in meteorology, a narrow, elongated area of…

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Intermediate+ Word of the Day: flop

To flop means ‘to drop or fall in a heavy or clumsy way’ or ‘to swing loosely.’ In US English, if someone changes suddenly from one opinion or party to another, that’s also to flop. Informally, to flop means ‘to fail badly.’ Also informally and mainly in US English, to sleep at someone’s house is to flop. As a noun, a flop is…

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