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December 2017

Intermediate+ Word of the Day: jet

A jet is a stream of liquid or gas that shoots out from an opening with great force and also the spout or nozzle that lets out the liquid or gas. In aeronautics, jet is short for jet plane, or jet engine, a plane or engine moved or producing movement via jet propulsion. As a verb, to jet means ‘to move or travel in or as though in a jet plane.’ As an adjective, jet refers to…

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Intermediate+ Word of the Day: marble

You’ve probably seen many marble statues, haven’t you? Marble is limestone that has been changed into a hard rock and is used in sculpture and in construction. Figuratively, something that resembles this rock, because it seems similarly hard, cold, or smooth can be called marble, as can something that has streaked coloring like some types of the material. In these literal and figurative senses, marble is uncountable. As a count noun, a marble is a little ball of glass that kids used to play with a lot and, in the plural, it is the name of the…

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Intermediate+ Word of the Day: privilege

A privilege is a right, an advantage or an exemption, granted to someone in authority, that frees them from some obligations. It is also the condition of enjoying special rights or advantages, because of social status or wealth, for example. A privilege may also be a benefit that is granted to an employee or client of a company or a member of a club. If someone says something is his or her privilege that means it is…

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Intermediate+ Word of the Day: dope

Dope is any narcotic or illegal drug (especially cannabis). More specifically, it is a narcotic used on race horses to improve or hold back their performance in a race. In technical use, dope is any thick liquid or pasty preparation used in preparing a surface, particularly a varnish for coating airplane wings. As a slang term, dope can mean ‘stupid person’ or, mainly in…

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Intermediate+ Word of the day: roast

To roast means ‘to cook meat or other food by direct, dry heat, such as in the oven or over a fire’ and also ‘to dry and cause to turn brown by heating,’ as is done with coffee beans. Informally, it means ‘to be very hot’ or ‘to criticize someone severely.’ Also informally, in US English, it means ‘to make fun of.’ A roast is meat that has been roasted or, most commonly in US English, an outdoor…

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