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August 2023

Intermediate+ Word of the Day: hitch

To hitch means ‘to tie or fasten something with a rope or strap’ and, more specifically, to put a harness on an animal and tie it to a vehicle. Hitch also means ‘to move up or raise.’ As an informal term, if you get hitched it means that you marry someone. As a noun, a hitch is a knot to hitch something. An unexpected problem can also be called a hitch. Informally, in US English, a hitch is also a period of military service, though…

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Intermediate+ Word of the Day: calf

A calf is a young domestic cow, or the young of other animals like elephants, seals, and whales. In clothing, calf refers to calfskin leather. Informally, a silly man or boy can also be called a calf, although this meaning is rarely heard now. Unrelatedly, a calf is also the fleshy part of the back of the leg below the knee…

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Intermediate+ Word of the Day: gauge

To gauge means ‘to determine the exact dimensions, size, force or quantity of something.’ However, it also means ‘to estimate’ and ‘to judge.’ As a noun, a gauge is an instrument for taking measurements and also a criterion used to make an estimation.’ In military terms or when we talk about guns, gauge means ‘a unit of measure of the inner diameter of a shotgun barrel’…

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Intermediate+ Word of the Day: lift

To lift means ‘to move from a lower to a higher position,’ ‘to raise,’ ‘to hold high,’ and also ‘to stop or put an end to something.’ It can also mean ‘to remove pain, sadness, or a burden’ and, informally, ‘to plagarize’ or ‘to steal.’ A lift is the act of raising and the weight, load, or quantity of the thing lifted. A ride in a vehicle is also lift, especially in UK English, and a short feeling of happiness or…

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Intermediate+ Word of the Day: bully

A bully is someone who intimidates, bothers, mocks, or hurts others, usually smaller or weaker people. The verb to bully is what bullies do, intimidate, bother, mock, and hurt others. It also means ‘to be arrogant and overbearing.’ However, despite its negative connotations, in US English, as an adjective, and informally, bully means ‘very good’ or ‘high spirited,’ though this use is now dated. As an interjection, usually in the expression…

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