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September 2016

Word of the Day: loop

A loop is any thread, cord, rope, etc. folded upon itself so as to leave a circular opening between the parts. In computing, a loop is the repetition of instructions in a program. Informally, we call a group or network of people who have access to inside information the loop…

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A Note From WordReference

Dear Word of the Day subscribers, In an effort to improve Word of the Day so we will be able to continue funding it for years to come, we are moving to the platform that WordReference knows best: a website. Our new home is During the transition, your daily email will probably be a … Read more

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Word of the Day: squat

To squat means ‘to crouch or sit with your legs bent closely beneath or in front of your body,’ as when hiding or cowering. The related noun squat can be either the position or the act of squatting…

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Word of the Day: embrace

To embrace means ‘to hug,’ ‘to take someone in your arms,’ or more generally, ‘to enclose or surround’ (though in these senses it is a bit formal)…

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