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December 2023

Intermediate+ Word of the Day: blade

The blade is the flat cutting part of a sharp tool or weapon like a knife or a sword and it can actually be used as a synonym for sword too. Part of any mechanism that resembles this and that is used for wiping or scraping is also a blade and, generally, any thin and flat part of something too. In botany, a blade is the leaf of a plant, especially grass or cereal plants, and in sports, the blade is the…

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Basic+ Word of the Day: party

A party is a celebration, usually for a special day, or because something special has happened. At parties, we often eat, drink, or listen to music. Sometimes people dance or play games too….

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Intermediate+ Word of the Day: spout

To spout means ‘to throw out with force, as in a stream or jet’ or ‘to shoot out with violence.’ Figuratively, if you say something in a showy and pompous and oratorical manner, you’re also spouting. As a noun, a spout is a pipe, tube, or projecting lip used to pour out or to carry liquid along. A continuous stream of…

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Intermediate+ Word of the Day: weave

To weave means ‘to lace together threads, so as to form a fabric’ and also ‘to form by weaving,’ like you can do for example with a basket or some outdoor furniture. Spiders, and other small insects, weave webs. Figuratively, to connect and combine things as a whole is also to weave and also to move by zigzagging or winding. As a noun, a weave is a pattern or…

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Intermediate+ Word of the Day: coast

You probably know that the coast is the land next to and the region near the sea. But did you know that coast, as a verb, means ‘to descend or go down in a car or on a bicycle without using power?’ The related noun coast means ‘a glide down a hill or slope.’ Informally, to coast means ‘to progress or go forward with little effort,’ especially using…

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