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July 2023

Intermediate+ Word of the Day: grant

To grant means ‘to give,’ ‘to accord,’ or ‘to agree to a proposal or request.’ To grant can also mean that you accept something, such as someone else’s point in an argument. As a noun, a grant is something given or granted, such as money, a privilege,…

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Intermediate+ Word of the Day: clash

To clash means ‘to produce a very loud noise by collision’. It also means ‘to disagree’ or ‘to engage in physical conflict, whether in game or battle.’ If colors clash, it means that they don’t combine well. As a noun, a clash is a loud harsh noise, a conflict of interests, and a fight or contest.

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Intermediate+ Word of the Day: slot

A slot is a thin and narrow opening for receiving something, such as a piece of paper or a coin, and also a place or position in a sequence, series, or schedule. Informally, it’s also a job opening. As a verb, to slot is to make a slot in something, to put something into a slot, or to fit someone or something into a schedule…

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Intermediate+ Word of the Day: lock

You’ve probably heard “lock” a lot lately as part of the word “lockdown.” We’ll tell you about several meanings of “lock” and also exactly what “lockdown” is and share a video with you showing how people are finding new ways to connect while socially distancing. Are you finding creative ways to get through lockdown?

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Intermediate+ Word of the Day: slip

To slip means ‘to move smoothly,’ ‘to move quietly without being noticed,’ and also ‘to slide accidentally and fall or almost fall.’ Figuratively, it can mean ‘to fall below standard’ or ‘to become involved in or start doing something.’ If you make a mistake that is also…

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