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December 2022

Intermediate+ Word of the Day: blue

We think you all probably know that blue is a primary color and, as an adjective, refers to anything of the color blue. As a noun, always with the, the blue can refer to either the sky or the ocean. Blues, always in the plural, is a music genre, and the blues is a colloquial synonym for ‘sadness or depressed spirits.’

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Intermediate+ Word of the Day: jar

A jar is a wide open container, mostly cylinder shaped and made of glass, and also the quantity held by it. Completely unrelated, to jar means ‘to have an unpleasant and sudden effect on your nerves or feelings’ and, more generally, ‘to shake or vibrate.’ Jar also means ‘to clash or conflict.’ Related to this meaning, the noun jar is…

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Intermediate+ Word of the Day: cup

A cup is a container with a handle used for drinking or the content of this container, and it is also a unit of capacity, approximately half a pint, used mainly in cooking in the US. Cup is also an ornamental, cup-shaped trophy given as a prize after winning a competition and any cup-like thing, like the upper part of some flowers. The cup of a woman’s bra is the part that covers the breast…

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Intermediate+ Word of the Day: spell

To spell means ‘to name, say, or write the letters of a word’ and also, figuratively, ‘to mean or signify.’ As a noun, a spell has a really different meaning. It’s a word or phrase with magic powers, as well as the state of enchantment caused by it. Figuratively, any state of fascination is also called a spell. A spell is also a continuous period of activity…

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