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December 2016

Intermediate+ Word of the Day: resolution

A New Year’s resolution is a promise people make on New Year’s Day. It may be shortened simply to “resolution.” The promise is usually related to self-improvement, such as taking up new challenges or starting new projects in the year to come, or it may be about giving up a bad habit. Have you made yours yet?

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Basic+ Word of the Day: party

A party is a celebration, usually for a special day, or because something special has happened. At parties, we often eat, drink, or listen to music. Sometimes people dance or play games too….

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Intermediate+ Word of the Day: freeze

To freeze means ‘to become hardened into ice’ or ‘to become hard with cold.’ If you’re talking about feelings, it means ‘to lose warmth.’ It also means ‘to become speechless or motionless,’ as with fear, shock, or surprise. To freeze means ‘to be of the degree of cold at which water freezes.’ In economics, to freeze means ‘to fix prices at a specific amount’ and ‘to prevent something from being sold’ or, when applied to bank accounts, ‘to prevent money from being accessed.’ It can also mean ‘to stop the production of something.’ As a noun….

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Intermediate+ Word of the Day: stock

Stock is the supply of goods in a store or warehouse or something that is kept for future use. In the business world, stock refers to the shares in a company the people can buy and sell in the financial market. Stock is also the liquid made from boiled meat or vegetables, used for soups or sauces. As an adjective, stock means ‘related to the shares in a company.’ As a verb, stock means ‘to have a product in a store’ or…

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Intermediate+ Word of the Day: survey

To survey means ‘to study something in a general way’ and also ‘to view something in detail in order to know the condition or value of something.’ To survey also means ‘to study the opinions of a group of people’ and, related to this sense, the noun survey is the sample of facts and opinions gathered by surveying. A survey is also a general description or study of something and also…

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Intermediate+ Word of the Day: pill

A pill is a small capsule or tablet of medicine. It is also a word for pill-like balls on clothing that appear when you wear or wash something a lot (a new sweater shouldn’t have pills, but many old sweaters have them). Figuratively and informally, it is an old-fashioned word for an unpleasant or boring person. As a verb, pill means to form little balls on clothing and fabric…

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