Basic+ Word of the Day: gift

gift (noun) LISTEN

Christmas gifts

A gift is something that you give to someone, usually because it is their birthday or another special day.

  • Look at all the gifts under the Christmas tree!

If you have a gift for something, it means that you do it very well.

  • Your daughter has a gift for art. Her paintings are beautiful!

Did you know?

Present has the same meaning as gift. Gift is a little more formal than present. “This watch was a birthday present from my parents.”

Related words

If you giftwrap something, it means that you cover it with pretty paper. Giftwrap and wrap a gift have the same meaning. When we buy a gift in a shop at Christmas, the shop assistant often asks, “Would you like that giftwrapped?”

In pop culture

Giftwrapping isn’t always easy! This video teaches you how to wrap gifts that are a circle shape. What does the woman say that you will need?

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