Basic+ Word of the Day: common

common (adjective) LISTEN

Badgers are common in the UK.

If something is common, it means that there is a lot of it, or that it is something usual.

  • Jakub is a common name in Poland.

If someone is common, it means that they aren’t special, or that they’re normal.

  • Does the government know what the common people want?

If two or more people have something in common, it means that they all do it, or like it. For example, if you and another person like football, this is something that you both have in common.

  • We’re friends because we have a lot in common.

In pop culture

Do you know the song “Common People” by Pulp? It’s about the difference between rich people and normal people. The woman in the song says, “I want to live like common people.” Where does the man take her to show her how normal people live?

There are other meanings of common.

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