Basic+ Word of the Day: piece

piece (noun) LISTEN

A piece of pizza.

A piece is a part of something.

  • A piece of my bike fell off.
  • Would you like a piece of pizza?

We also use piece with some words when we are talking about one thing, or when we say a number. For example, we say, “I have some paper,” but, “I have two pieces of paper.”

  • That’s a nice piece of furniture.

Don't confuse it with

When a country is at peace, it means that it isn’t fighting a war. For example, “One day, I hope there will be world peace.”

Common uses

When something is very easy, we sometimes say that it is a piece of cake. For example, “That test was a piece of cake.”

In pop culture

In the Japanese art of origami, you can make animals and other things from pieces of paper. It’s not very easy! In this video, you can see how to make a paper bird. Do you think you can make it?

There are other meanings of piece.

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