Basic+ Word of the Day: file

file (noun, verb) past tense: filed LISTEN


A file is something that you can put papers in. It’s usually made from cardboard or plastic. People often put their papers in a file because they want to have them all in one place.

  • I have all my important documents in one file.

A file is also something that you can open on a computer. It could be a document, a song or a picture.

  • You can open .doc files with Word.

If you file something, it means that you put your papers in a file, or in the correct files.

  • The secretary had to file all the documents.

If you file something, it can also mean that you want something to be smaller or smoother. For example, you can file your nails, and you do this with a nail file.

  • Her nails are always perfect because she files them.

In pop culture

Do you like the movie Dumb and Dumber? It’s about two men who do lots of stupid things (dumb means stupid). In this video from the movie, Lloyd and Harry are going to a dance. But first they want to look pretty. Someone tries to file Lloyd’s toenails with a nail file, but it doesn’t work. What does she use next?

There are other meanings of file.

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