Basic+ Word of the Day: power

power (noun) LISTEN

Wind power

If something has power, it means that it is strong.

  • The engine in this Ferrari has a lot of power!

If someone has power, it means that they have control over other people.

  • His job gives him a lot of power.

Power can also mean ‘energy’ (for example ‘wind power’), or ‘electricity.’

  • Two days after the storm, there are still 100 homes without power.

If you have a power, it means that you can do something special.

  • One of Superman's powers is that he can fly.

In pop culture

Would you like to have a super power like Superman? In this video from Superman Returns, a plane is falling out of the sky. Superman has to use his powers to save all the people. How does he do it?

There are other meanings of power.

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