Basic+ Word of the Day: race

race (noun, verb) past tense: raced LISTEN

A race

A race is a competition. If you want to win a race, you have to be the fastest.

  • I’m going to run in two races this weekend.

If you race something, it means that you use that thing in a race.

  • When he was younger, he raced Formula 1 cars.

If you race somewhere, it means that you go somewhere very quickly.

  • She raced home to watch her favorite TV show.

Race is also a word that we sometimes use to talk about different groups of people. We use it to talk about the physical differences between people, for example in their skin color.

  • It is illegal to hire someone because of their race.

In pop culture

The Fast and the Furious is a movie about people who race fast cars. In this video from the movie, Brian wants to win, but this is his first race. Does he win? What happens to his car?

There are other meanings of race.

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