Basic+ Word of the Day: keen

keen (adjective) LISTEN

She has a keen mind.

If something is keen, it is very sensitive or alert.

  • Carl has a keen sense of smell and knows what's for dinner as soon as he opens the door.
  • Julia has a keen mind; she always solves the problems before the other students.

If someone is eager and enthusiastic, they are keen.

  • William was keen to see the new play on opening night.
  • Denise is keen on football.

Keen can also mean ‘intense.’

  • There is keen competition for that job.

Common uses

Peachy keen: excellent. For example: “How are you feeling today?” “Peachy keen.”

In pop culture

Listen to this song called “Kids” by Little Dragon. Listen out for the lyrics. “Go on, show them if you’re ready, if you’re keen”.

There are other meanings of keen.
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