Basic+ Word of the Day: upset

upset (verb, adjective, noun) past tense: upset LISTEN

"I'm so upset, I could pull my hair out!"

Upset means ‘to disturb.’

  • The car accident upset the driver.
  • The spicy food upset Ed's stomach.

Upset can also mean ‘distressed.’

  • The newlyweds were very upset after their first fight.

An upset is ‘an unexpected defeat of an opponent who is expected to win in politics or sports.’

  • An upset occurred when the last-place team won the game.

Common uses

upset the apple cart: Literally, this expression means ‘overturn an apple cart.’ But figuratively, it means ‘disturb the status quo of any situation.’

Did you know?

When upset is used as a verb or adjective, the accent is on the last syllable. When upset is used as a noun, the accent is on the first syllable.

In pop culture

Here is B B King singing “You Upset Me Baby.” Sing along with the chorus: “You upset me baby/Like being hit by a falling tree/Baby, what you do to me?’

There are other meanings of upset.
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