Basic+ Word of the Day: advantage

advantage (noun) LISTEN

The rabbit has the advantage in the race.

An advantage is a circumstance that is favorable to success.

  • Richie's family was wealthy and he had every advantage when he was a boy.
  • The advantage of a good education is infinite.

Advantage also means ‘benefit.’

  • It will be to your advantage if you treat others fairly and with respect.

Did you know?

To take advantage of means ‘to make use of for gain.’ This has both a positive and negative sense. Positive example: “When Dan studied in Paris he took advantage of opportunities to speak French and learn about the culture.” Negative example: “Henry took advantage of his mother’s generosity to steal her money.”

In pop culture

Did you know that George Clooney’s aunt was a famous singer? Listen to Rosemary Clooney sing the jazz standard “You Took Advantage of Me.”

There are other meanings of advantage.

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