Basic+ Word of the Day: weak

weak (adjective) LISTEN

"You are too weak to lift that heavy weight."

Weak means ‘may give way under pressure.’

  • That bridge is too weak to support our weight.

Weak also means ‘without strength or force.’

  • Weak tea is all Judy could drink after last night's party.
  • The weak prime minister left the country in chaos.
  • Garrett was too weak to carry his granddaughter.

Don't confuse

Week and weak sound the same. But week means ‘a period of seven days.’ Example: “Margaret will be visiting friends in Orlando for an entire week.”

Did you know?

“A chain is as strong as its weakest link” is an expression that applies to anything that requires teamwork. A whole team becomes weak if one person (one link) doesn’t do their job.

Related words

weakling: a person who is physically weak. Example: “Before Mike started going to the gym, he was a real weakling.”

In pop culture

Sing along with Rod Steward as he sings “Weak.”

There are other meanings of weak.

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