Basic+ Word of the Day: ink

ink (noun, verb) past tense: inked LISTEN

"Cool ink!"

Ink is a fluid used for writing or drawing.

  • George filled his fountain pen with black ink.
  • The artist prefers drawing with pen and ink rather than pencil.

Ink also means ‘to draw or write with ink.’

  • The lawyer inked the contract.

Common uses

Before the ink is dry: after signing an agreement, things change very quickly. Example: “The newly married couple realized that they had made a big mistake before the ink was dry.”

Did you know?

People refer to their tattoos as their ink. Watch this video where Post Malone describes his ink:

In pop culture

The Ink Spots was a popular singing group in the 1930s and 1940s. In this video, they sing “If I Didn’t Care.” The lyrics are in the comments below the video:

There are other meanings of ink.

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