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Word of the day: fence

A fence is a barrier, usually made of posts and wires or wood, that encloses a territory and prevents entrance or keeps livestock (ie, animals in a farm) in…

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Intermediate+ Word of the Day: lunge

A lunge is a sudden forward thrust, with a sword or knife, or any sudden forward movement. As a verb, to lunge means ‘to move with a sudden thrust’ or ‘to thrust forward’. Additionally, a lunge (or: lunge line, lunge rein, lunge lead) is a rope used in training or exercising a horse and the…

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Intermediate+ Word of the Day: snag

A snag is something sharp that sticks out of something else. A hole or tear in a piece of fabric caused by catching on something that sticks out is called a snag as well and, figuratively, anything that gets in the way, particularly in the way of progress, is a snag. As a verb, related to this last sense, to snag means to impede or get in the way.’ It also means ‘to catch on a snag’ and…

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Intermediate+ Word of the Day: stride

To stride means ‘to walk with long steps’ or ‘to pass over or across something with a big step.’ As a noun, a stride is, of course, a long step and also the distance covered in one stride. Figuratively, a stride is a step forwards towards development or progress. In Australian English, always in the plural form, strides…

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