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Intermediate+ Word of the Day: linger

To linger means ‘to stay in a place longer than expected’ and also, sometimes followed by on, ‘to remain alive or in existence, but gradually dying or losing strength.’ If you linger over or on something, it means that you take your time over enjoying it or contemplating it. To delay something or to walk or proceed very slowly can also be to linger. Usually followed by away or out, linger means…

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Intermediate+ Word of the Day: lag

To lag, often followed by behind, means ‘to fail to keep up’ either with the physical pace of others or with progress towards a goal or it can be a synonym for ‘linger’ or ‘delay. It can also mean ‘to decrease gradually.’ As a noun, a lag is a delay or a lapse of time…

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Intermediate+ Word of the Day: dwell

To dwell is a formal term meaning ‘to live somewhere as a permanent residence’ and also ‘to live or continue in a particular state.’ Figuratively, it means ‘to endure or remain.’ In more everyday language, always followed by on or upon, it means ‘to write, talk or think about something for a long time.’ If a machine dwells, it means that it stops moving for an interval of an operation. The noun dwell is related to this last sense and…

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Intermediate+ Word of the Day: kink

A kink is a twist in anything long and flexible, like a rope or wire, and also a pain or stiffness in a muscle. Figuratively, a kink is any flaw than could cause problems to the functioning of a machine or something that could get in the way of a plan. In slang, a kink is unconventional sexual behavior. As a verb, to kink means ‘to form kinks’ or ‘to make kinks in…

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Intermediate+ Word of the Day: fling

To fling means ‘to throw with violence or without care’ or ‘to move yourself violently.’ It means ‘to send or put something or someone somewhere without preparation’ and ‘to involve yourself in something.’ As a noun, a fling is the act of flinging, and also a short period of pursuing desires without restraint….

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Word of the Day: hover

Word of the Day by       Word of the Day   October 13, 2015   hover (verb) LISTEN       Hover means to remain in the air in the same position. When used for people, it means to wait or linger near somebody or something for more time or at a closer distance than is expected. When referring to a number or value, it means to stay around a specific level or amount. Example sentences   A yellow butterfly was hovering above the fence, and I couldn't resist taking a picture.   I can't decide what to […]

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