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Intermediate+ Word of the Day: puff

A puff is a short blast of air or smoke, as well as the sound made when giving off a puff, and the act of inhaling and exhaling on a cigarette or pipe. It is also a ball of choux pastry baked and filled with something sweet, often whipped cream and jam. Figuratively, a puff is a flattering review. To puff means ‘to blow with a short blast,’ as wind sometimes does, ‘to give or let out in a puff,’ and ‘to move with a puff.’ To puff is also…

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Intermediate+ Word of the Day: bloat

To bloat means ‘to expand or distend’ and also ‘to become swollen.’ Figuratively, to bloat means ‘to make vain or conceited.’ As a noun, in US English, a bloat is a person or thing that is bloated, and figuratively, a wasteful use of space, or a useless person, though the last sense is no longer common. In veterinary…

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Intermediate+ Word of the Day: strut

To strut means ‘to walk in a overly proud and self-important way,’ with the head held up and the chest thrown out, usually in the expectation of impressing observers. The related noun strut is this kind of walk. Also as a noun, strut is a term used in engineering. A strut is the part used as a support in a structure and the verb to strut means…

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Intermediate+ Word of the Day: kink

A kink is a twist in anything long and flexible, like a rope or wire, and also a pain or stiffness in a muscle. Figuratively, a kink is any flaw than could cause problems to the functioning of a machine or something that could get in the way of a plan. In slang, a kink is unconventional sexual behavior. As a verb, to kink means ‘to form kinks’ or ‘to make kinks in…

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Word of the Day: drag

      Word of the Day   November 20, 2015   drag (verb, noun) LISTEN       To drag something is to pull it with difficulty and effort and, figuratively, to drag someone means 'to take them somewhere they don't want to go.' In computers, drag means 'to move an image by first clicking on it with the mouse.' Drag also means 'to last for too long and be boring' (in this sense it is sometimes used with on). In informal conversation a drag is something or someone boring. It is also a single puff on a cigarette. Example […]

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