Basic+ Word of the Day: leisure

leisure (noun, adjective) LISTEN

"I like to spend my leisure time watching the sun set."

Leisure is time free from the demands of work or duty.

  • When William was working, taking classes, and raising his children, he dreamed of a life of leisure.

Leisure also means ‘free or unoccupied.’

  • Minnie reads historical fiction during her leisure hours.
  • After Mary Beth retired, she spent her leisure time painting.

Common uses

at your leisure: at a convenient time. Example: “There is no rush. Please review my essay and respond at your leisure.”

at leisure: without hurry or pressure. Example: “Since Melissa’s noon appointment was cancelled, she was able to enjoy her lunch at leisure.”


In pop culture

The leisure suit was a popular men’s fashion in the 1970s. Leisure suits were usually bright or pastel colors and often worn with floral or patterned shirts. Watch this video for some examples of the leisure suit. Do you think this style will ever become popular again?

There are other meanings of leisure.

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