Basic+ Word of the Day: field

field (noun) LISTEN

A field of sunflowers

A field is a piece of open land, especially for growing things or for animals.

  • If you drive through Nebraska, you'll see endless fields of corn.
  • The sheep were grazing (eating grass) in the field.

A field is also an area where sports are played.

  • An American football field is 100 yards long.

A field can also be a particular branch of interest.

  • There are lots of jobs available in the engineering fields.

Common uses

play the field: to date several people during a specific time. Example: After Celeste’s divorce, she decided to play the field.

In pop culture

What’s your favorite Beatles’ song? Transport yourself to a simpler time and watch the Fab Four as they sing the dreamy “Strawberry Fields Forever.”

One more

And talking about dreamy, watch the trailer of the movie Field of Dreams about a man who hears voices telling him to build a baseball field in the middle of nowhere.

There are other meanings of field.
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