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July 2018

Intermediate+ Word of the Day: survey

To survey means ‘to study in a general way’ but also ‘to view in detail in order to know the condition or value of something.’ To carry a study of the opinions or thoughts of a group of people is also to survey, and so is ‘to determine the exact dimensions and position of an area of…

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Intermediate+ Word of the Day: drown

You might already know that drown means ‘to kill by putting under water’ or ‘to die under water.’ If something is destroyed by flooding, that’s also to drown and so is to ruin something by soaking it in liquid. Figuratively, we use drown, often followed by out to mean ‘overwhelm,’ like when…

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Intermediate+ Word of the Day: leer

Leer is a verb that means ‘to look with a sideways glance,’ especially one that suggests sexual interest or a sly intention. A lascivious or sly look is of course a leer. Leer is also an unrelated adjective in UK English that means ‘having no burden or load’ and also ‘fainting due to…

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Intermediate+ Word of the Day: jest

A jest is a witty remark in the form of a joke, sometimes a piece of good-natured ridicule or playful teasing. Jest can also be the object of such teasing. It also means ‘sport or fun.’ As a verb, to jest means ‘to joke’ and ‘to speak or act in fun…

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