Basic+ Word of the Day: shelter

shelter (noun) LISTEN

A homeless shelter

A shelter is a place that protects from cold, storms, danger, etc.

  • During the storm, people waited for the bus in the bus shelter.
  • During the flood, the school served as a shelter for the displaced residents.

Shelter is also the protection provided by a shelter.

  • The animals took shelter in a cave.
  • The old man found shelter in the library on the hottest days.

A shelter can also be a building serving as a temporary place to live, as for homeless or street animals.

  • The church ran a homeless shelter in their basement.
  • Amanda adopted a dog from the shelter.

Did you know?

Shelter is also a regular verb that means ‘to provide shelter.’ Example: “Linda and John sheltered the homeless man.” It also means ‘to find a safe place.’ Example: “We sheltered from the snow inside the pub.”

In pop culture

Listen to The Rolling Stones 1969 classic, “Gimme Shelter.” Enjoy!

There are other meanings of shelter.
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