Basic+ Word of the Day: enchantment

enchantment (noun) LISTEN

Enchantment is a charm or magic spell.

  • The fairy godmother's enchantment turned the pumpkin into a coach.
  • An ancient enchantment protects the castle from curses.

Enchantment is also a feeling of delight.

  • The enchantment of Monet's paintings offers a calm contentment.
  • The enchantment of a morning walk in the botanic garden starts my day off right.

Did you know?

Enchantment is the name of a soul band. Watch this ’70s performance of their hit, “Gloria.” Do you find them enchanting?

In pop culture

Have you seen the new animated series Disenchantment, by the creator of The Simpsons? Watch the trailer.

There are other meanings of enchantment.
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