Basic+ Word of the Day: dizzy

dizzy (adjective) LISTEN

Dizzy means ‘having the feeling that things are going round and round.’

  • The little girl twirled around until she was dizzy.
  • Barb feels dizzy at high elevations.
  • The roller coaster made us dizzy.

Dizzy also means ‘confused.’

  • After studying for the test all night I felt dizzy with all those facts in my head.
  • Howard gets dizzy whenever he sees his girlfriend.

Common uses

dizzy heights: high level of success. Example: “The new play reached dizzy heights; it’s sold out for months.”

In pop culture

Jazz trumpeter and bandleader Dizzy Gillespie got his nickname for his amusing tricks on stage. In this video, he leads his band and the audience in his jazz piece, “Salt Peanuts.”

There are other meanings of dizzy.
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