Basic+ Word of the Day: cheap

cheap (adjective) LISTEN

"But it's so cheap!"

If something is cheap, it means that it is inexpensive and doesn’t cost a lot of money. It’s the opposite of expensive.

  • I found some cheap plane tickets online.

If somewhere is cheap, it means that you don’t have to pay a lot of money there.

  • I prefer cheap hotels.

If someone is cheap, it means that they don’t like to pay for things, or that they buy only cheap things.

  • He's so cheap that he only gives us water when we come to visit.

Related words

When someone doesn’t like to pay for things, we sometimes say that they are a cheapskate. For example, “Barry’s such a cheapskate. He never wants to buy me a coffee!”

In pop culture

Do you know the story A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens? It’s about a grumpy and unhappy man called Ebenezer Scrooge. People think he’s strange because he doesn’t want to celebrate Christmas. And he doesn’t like to spend money, so people say that he’s cheap. There are some movies about Ebenezer Scrooge, too. This video is from the movie A Muppet Christmas Carol. In it, you can hear a song about him.

There are other meanings of cheap.

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