Basic+ Word of the Day: restless

restless (adjective) LISTEN

Restless means ‘without rest or sleep.’

  • Marge spent a restless night worrying about her daughter.
  • The restless sleeper tossed and turned all night.

Restless also means ‘always in motion.’

  • The restless sea tossed the ship back and forth.
  • The teacher could not calm down the restless children.
  • Rachel was restless and could not sit down for more than a minute.

Did you know?

Restless legs syndrome is a medical condition that causes an urge to move your legs uncontrollably.

In pop culture

Restless is a movie about a young man whose best friend is the ghost of a kamikazi pilot and who attends funerals of people he doesn’t know. At one of these funerals, he meets a young woman. Watch the trailer.

There are other meanings of restless.
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