Basic+ Word of the Day: grow

grow (verb) past tense: grew LISTEN

Human feet grow a lot!

If something grows, it means that it gets bigger.

  • Children grow so fast!

If you grow a plant, it means that you help it to live and get bigger.

  • I grow tomatoes in my garden.

If you grow, it can also mean that you become something slowly.

  • We never wanted to grow old.

If someone grows up, it means that they become older. People start as children and become teenagers or adults.

  • He grew up in the 1960s.

Common uses

When someone is behaving like a child, and we don’t like it, we sometimes say to them, “Grow up!” For example, “I didn’t do it, it was her!” “Oh, grow up! I know it was you.”

In pop culture

Boyhood is a movie about a boy who slowly becomes a man. Usually when someone gets older in movies, they use a different actor. But in this movie it’s the same actor, so we can watch him grow up!

There are other meanings of grow.

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