Basic+ Word of the Day: weapon

weapon (noun) LISTEN

A weapon is an instrument used for attack or defense.

  • Pistols were their weapons of choice.
  • The hunter's weapon was a bow and arrow.
  • The threat of using nuclear weapons was a factor in the peace negotiations.

A weapon can also be anything that a person uses against an opponent.

  • Chloe's best weapon is her sharp wit in debating opponents.

Common uses

cold weapon: a weapon that does not use fire or explosives. Example: “The survivalist only used cold weapons to hunt his prey.”

Related words

weaponize: to use something as a weapon. Example: “The politician weaponized the economic downturn to attack his opponent.”

In pop culture

Watch this very funny music video of Fatboy Slim’s song “Weapon of Choice” with Christopher Walken.

There are other meanings of weapon.
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