Basic+ Word of the Day: keep

keep (verb) LISTEN

If you keep something, it means that you still have it and you don’t give it to anyone.

  • You can have most of these old books but I want to keep these five.

If you keep something in a place, it means that it stays there when you aren’t using it.

  • I keep my clothes in the closet.

If you keep doing something, it means that you continue to do it or do it many times.

  • Don't stop; keep running.

Common uses

When we are paying someone for something, and we want them to have the extra money for their good service, we often say, “Keep the change.” For example: “That’s $17.99.” “Here’s $20. Keep the change.”

In pop culture

Keep on also means ‘to continue to do something.’ Listen for the words “keep on running” in this classic song.

There are other meanings of keep.

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