Basic+ Word of the Day: such

such (adjective, adverb) LISTEN

This is such a fun party!

We use the word such when we want to emphasize something. It has a similar meaning to very.

  • It was such a nice surprise. (= It was a very nice surprise.)
  • You're such a liar. (= You tell a lot of lies.)

We use such as to give examples of something.

  • Many fruits, such as apples and pears, grow on trees.

Don't confuse it with

We use so with adjectives like big or cool, and such with nouns (or adjectives + nouns) like person or shoes. For example, we can say, “Those are such cool shoes!” or “Your shoes are so cool!”

Common uses

When some people think that something exists, and we want to say that it doesn’t exist, we often say that there is no such thing. For example, “There’s no such thing as aliens.”

In pop culture

The 1991 song “Good Vibrations” by Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch uses the word such. How many times can you hear him sing, “It’s such a good vibration, it’s such a sweet sensation”?

There are other meanings of such.

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