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content (adjective, noun) LISTEN

"I'm content with my life."

Content (pronounced con-TENT) means ‘to be satisfied with what one has or is.’

  • If you are content with what you have, you will always be happy.
  • Elaine was content to spend her day knitting sweaters.

Content (pronounced CON-tent) or contents means ‘something contained.’

  • When the bag tore, the contents fell on the floor.
  • Andrew poured the contents of the bowl into the piecrust.

Content (pronounced CON-tent) also means ‘substance.’

  • Sally's argument sounds good on the surface, but it lacks content.
  • Jodey is in charge of content for the website.

Content (pronounced CON-tent) can also be the topics in a book or document.

  • The training manual's content includes procedures for using the software.
  • The table of contents lists the chapters in the book.

Common uses

to one’s heart’s content: as much as one wants. Example: “During her vacation, Jessica plans to read romance novels to her heart’s content.”

Did you know?

When content is a noun, the first syllable is accented. When it is an adjective the second syllable is accented.

In pop culture

Listen to Joywave’s song “Content.” It wonders what the difference is between content (substance) and content (satisfied). Here are the lyrics. “I’m searching for the difference between/Content and content can bring/Maybe they’re no different ’cause they look the same/Maybe I’m just an algorithm with a given name/Trying to find the difference.”

There are other meanings of content.

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