Basic+ Word of the Day: let

let (verb) past tense: let LISTEN

"Don't let go!"

If you let someone do something, it means that they can do it because you say that it is OK.

  • Her parents let her go to bed late.

It can also mean that someone can do something because you’re not stopping them.

  • You let him say all those horrible things!

If you let go of something (or let something go), it means that you stop holding it.

  • Please let go of my arm.

Let’s is the short form of let us. We use it when we want to make a suggestion.

  • Let's take a taxi home.” “OK.”

In pop culture?

Do you know the movie Mary Poppins? It’s about a very special nanny who helps children and their families. At the end of the movie, the father decides that his children are more important than his job. He wants to fly a kite with them, and he sings a song about it. Listen for the words, “Let’s go fly a kite.”

There are other meanings of let.

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