Basic+ Word of the Day: friendly

friendly (adjective) LISTEN

Juliana is friendly.

If someone is friendly, it means that they are kind and nice to other people.

  • All my new colleagues are very friendly.

If you are friendly with someone, it means that you have a very good relationship with them. You aren’t friends, but you know them quite well.

  • I’m friendly with the girl who works in the supermarket. We always have a good talk.

We can also use the word friendly to talk about something that is good for something or someone. For example, a child-friendly restaurant is a restaurant where children are welcome.

  • The app is very user-friendly. (=The app is easy to use.)

In pop culture

Casper the Friendly Ghost was a cartoon about a ghost who wants to be friends with people. In this video, he wants to make friends with a little boy, but the boy thinks that Casper is a genie. What does the little boy ask for?

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