Basic+ Word of the Day: care

care (verb, noun) past tense: cared LISTEN

She takes good care of her cat.

Care about means ‘to be concerned about.’

  • Many people in the community care about the hurricane victims.

Care for means ‘to look after’ or ‘to have warm feelings for.’

  • "Will you care for the children while I am away?"
  • After 50 years, Bette's husband still cared for her.

A care is ‘a troubled state of mind’ or a ’cause for concern.’

  • Although Phyllis just lost her job, she acts as if she doesn't have a care in the world.

Common uses

take care: use caution. Example: “That chair is a little loose. Take care.” Take care can also be a way to say ‘goodbye and be healthy.’ Example: “I’ll see you tomorrow. Take care.”

Did you know?

Care is often used as a suffix: Examples: “My employer pays some of my childcare costs.” “The politicians are debating healthcare issues.”

In pop culture

Enjoy listening to Nina Simone singing “My Baby Just Cares for Me.”

There are other meanings of care.

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