Basic+ Word of the Day: excited

excited (adjective) LISTEN

I'm excited to open my presents!

If someone is excited, it means that they are very happy about something.

  • My dog always gets excited when I come home.

If someone is excited, it can also mean that they think that something in the future will be good. When they think about it, it makes them happy.

  • I’m excited about seeing you next month!
  • I'm excited to start college in September.

Additional information

Excited isn’t always positive. It can mean that you are agitated in a negative sense. For example, “Don’t get so excited; everything will be fine.”

Don't confuse it with

Only people (and animals) can be excited. If something makes you feel excited, then it is exciting. For example, “You’re having a baby? That’s very exciting news!”

In pop culture

Do you know the song “I’m So Excited” by the Pointer Sisters? It has been in lots of movies. For example, this video is from a Spanish movie (it’s called I’m So Excited too), by the famous director Pedro Almodóvar. In the video, some men on a plane are singing and dancing to the song.

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