Basic+ Word of the Day: back

back (noun, adjective, adverb) LISTEN

I have a sore back.

The back is the part of something that is behind or under the other part(s) of that thing.

  • I like to sit at the back of the movie theater.
  • There’s a picture on the back of the book.

We can use back to talk about things that are at the back of something.

  • During Prohibition in the US, people illegally sold alcohol in the back rooms of bars.

If something goes back somewhere, it means that it was in that place, and now it is in that place again.

  • I went back home.
  • I put the letter back where I found it.

In pop culture

Have you seen the Back to the Future movies? They’re about a boy who travels to the past, but then there’s a problem and he can’t get back home. So he has to find a way to get back to ‘the future.’ In this video from the movie, Doc shows Marty how he will travel to the past.

There are other meanings of back.

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