Basic+ Word of the Day: support

support (verb, noun) past tense: supported LISTEN

Support from a friend.

If something supports something, it means that it carries the weight of that thing so that it doesn’t fall down.

  • These walls are important because they support the roof.
  • He put an arm around her to support her.

If you support something, it means that you agree with it, and that you want it to go well.

  • My parents supported me when I wanted to become an actor.

If you support someone, it means that you want them to win something.

  • I supported the Democrats in the last election.
  • I support Manchester United.

Support can also be help in difficult times. If you give someone support, it can mean that you encourage them, or that you listen to their problems.

  • I got a lot of support from my friends when I said that I was opening a restaurant.
  • My family was my support after my dad died.

In pop culture

Macmillan Cancer Support is a charity that helps people with cancer. In this advertisement for the charity, you can see two different meanings of the word support. The nurses are supporting people because they are listening to them and helping them. And they are also supporting people when they hold someone so they don’t fall down.

There are other meanings of support.

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