Basic+ Word of the Day: skip

skip (verb) past tense: skipped LISTEN

Skipping is good exercise.

If you skip, it means that you move by jumping, first on one foot, then the other. People usually do this when they are happy.

  • The little girl skipped home.

Or it can mean that you do a small jump over a rope. People do this for exercise, and it is also a children’s game.

  • One girl skipped and the others held the rope.

If you skip something, it means that you don’t do what you should do next. You go straight to the thing after that.

  • Read pages 7, 8, and 10. You can skip page 9.
  • You can skip this advert in 5 seconds.

In pop culture

Skippy the Bush Kangaroo was an Australian TV program about a kangaroo. He was called Skippy because of the way that kangaroos move. In this video, Skippy’s friend wants to play a game. What game do they play? Do you know the name of the game in English?

There are other meanings of skip.

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