Basic+ Word of the Day: same

same (adjective, pronoun) LISTEN

They're all the same.

If two or more things are the same, it means that they aren’t different.

  • They wore the same dress to the party.

If something is the same, it can also mean that it hasn’t changed.

  • He tells the same story every year.

If two things look the same, it means that you can’t see any difference.

  • All those cars look the same to me.

Common uses

When someone says that they did something, and we did that thing too, we can say, “Same here!” For example, “I was in Peru last November.” “Same here!”

Did you know?

You can use other words with same to say how similar two or more things are. For example, “They’re almost the same” means that they’re very similar, and “They’re exactly the same” means that they are the same in every way.

In pop culture

Do you know the movie Twins? It’s about two brothers. They have the same parents, and they were born at the same time, but they don’t look the same. They look very different! In this video from the movie, Vincent buys his brother some new clothes.

There are other meanings of same.

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