Basic+ Word of the Day: share

share (verb, noun) past tense: shared LISTEN

Sharing food with friends

If you share something, it means that you give some of it to other people.

  • Are you going to share your toys with the other children?

A share is a part of something. It’s the part that each person gets when you share something.

  • This is your share of the money.

If two or more people share something, it can also mean that they use it at the same time.

  • There aren’t enough books for everyone so you’ll have to share.

If you share something online, it means that you put it on the internet so that other people can see it.

  • I love sharing photos on Instagram.

In pop culture

The Angels’ Share is a Scottish movie about whiskey. When people make whiskey, they usually leave it for a long time before they can drink it. In this time, some of the whiskey disappears. They call this the angels’ share (the part of the whiskey that the angels take). Watch this advertisement for the movie. Can you understand the people’s Scottish accent?

There are other meanings of share.

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