Basic+ Word of the Day: sweet

sweet (adjective) LISTEN

Candy is sweet.

If something is sweet, it has a taste that is like sugar.

  • I put honey in my tea to make it sweet.

If someone is sweet, it means that they are kind and nice.

  • My new boyfriend is so sweet; he's always buying me little presents.

If someone or something is sweet, it can also mean that they are cute, often because they are very young or small.

  • Those baby rabbits are so sweet!

We can also use sweet to mean ‘cool.’

  • That's a sweet new car you've got.

Did you know?

In British English, a sweet is a piece of candy.

In pop culture

Sometimes we say “Sweet Dreams” when we say good night to someone who is going to sleep. It means we hope that they will have good dreams. Many songs use this expression, including “Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)” by Eurythmics and “Sweet Dream” by Beyoncé.

Listen to Beyoncé say, “You can be a sweet dream or a beautiful nightmare.” A nightmare is the opposite of a sweet dream. These words are figurative and she is talking about a person who could be good or bad.

There are other meanings of sweet.

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