Basic+ Word of the Day: park

park (verb, noun) past tense: parked LISTEN

Fun in the park

A park is a part of a city or town without streets or buildings. It usually has grass, flowers and trees. People can go for walks and do exercise there.

  • Every evening I go running in the park.

A national park is an area of natural land that the government owns, usually because they want to help the plants or animals that live there.

  • I'd love to visit Yellowstone National Park.

If you park a car, it means that you leave it somewhere for some time.

  • I parked my car in front of your house.

Did you know?

In British English, a car park is a place where you can leave your car—for example, while you go shopping. In American English, it’s called a parking lot.

In pop culture

Central Park is a famous park in New York City. You can see it in lots of movies and TV shows. Watch this video about Central Park. How many people visit the park each year? The man gives the answer to this question.

There are other meanings of park.
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