Basic+ Word of the Day: travel

travel (verb, adjective) past tense: traveled LISTEN

I went traveling for a year.

If you travel, it means that you go somewhere far away.

  • Do you prefer to travel by plane or train?

If you go traveling, it means that you go to different countries because you want to see the world.

  • After university, I went traveling for a year.

We can use travel to talk about things that are good to take on vacation with you. For example, a travel hairdryer is a small hairdryer that can go in your suitcase.

  • I’m taking a travel pillow so I can sleep on the plane.

Related words

A travel agency is a place that sells vacations. For example, you can buy plane tickets or reserve hotel rooms at a travel agency.

In pop culture

The Long Way Round is a TV show about two men who travel around the world on their motorbikes. One of the men is the actor Ewan McGregor. You can see a clip of the show here:

There are other meanings of travel.
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