Basic+ Word of the Day: mind

mind (noun, verb) past tense: minded LISTEN

"Do you mind if I smoke?"

Your mind is the part of you that thinks and feels.

If you change your mind, it means that you change your opinion about something.

  • I used to hate swimming, but now I’ve changed my mind about it.

If you mind something, it means that you aren’t happy about it. When we are asking someone if we can do something, we often ask, “Do you mind?”

  • Do you mind if I smoke here?

If you mind something, it can also mean that you are careful because you don’t want to hurt yourself.

  • Mind your head on the low ceiling.

Common uses

When we want someone to forget something that we said, we sometimes say, “Never mind.” We do this because we don’t want to talk about it any more. For example: “What did you say? I couldn’t hear you.” “Never mind. It wasn’t important.”

In pop culture

Do you know the song “Someone Like You” by Adele? It’s about someone who is still in love. She tells her ex-boyfriend that she loves him, but he’s married now. Listen for these words in the song: “Never mind I’ll find someone like you. I wish nothing but the best [=only the best] for you two.” When Adele sings, “Never mind,” she means, “It’s OK, forget it.” She wants him to forget what she said. It’s not important because she will find a new boyfriend.

There are other meanings of mind.

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